Hard to Find Cadillac Restoration Parts

Cadillac restoration partsAs the years go by, parts for classic Cadillacs become harder to find. With a much lower production run that other makes and models, the original parts inventory from GM was low to begin with. Due to accidents, rust and other factors, certain parts necessary to complete your restoration are quite scarce.

Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR) can help. In our fourth decades of serving classic Cadillac enthusiasts, we’ve developed many valuable contacts and if we don’t stock that rare part we can almost certainly find it for you.

We also reproduce some hard-to-find parts for your Cadillac. Ashtray door springs, hood springs and gas filler door springs are among the USA-made Cadillac restoration parts that we exclusively reproduce. Need to replace rotted body panels or floor pans, give us a call right now  to keep moving forward with your restoration project.

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